Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC. Expect it

I’d like to announce the next piece of docs from DNC. I found something like a dossier on Hillary Clinton on the its server. It’s a heavy folder of docs that will attract your attention…

Source: Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC. Expect it

Chapter 1 – Cayenne

Please stand by for next iteration of Ch1.

Writing Sci-Fi

I’m working on a series of stories I’d like to share…more coming soon.  This page is simply to test formatting of the blog using Windows Live Writer.

The primary story is written using MS Word…I know…but I can’t seem to break the MS chains that bind, claws that clutch, although I most certainly shun the fumerous Bandersnatch.

The paradox of physics.

Is it me, am I a naive physicist, simply stupid, or lacking comprehension because I don’t “get” the confusion regarding paradoxes of the very large or very small which are quite often pointed to as a source of angst for physicists…Feynman said it best in his Cambridge series lectures:

“Reality is what it is.”

Physics is the philosophy of nature using the language of mathematics.  When it comes to the paradoxes of very large i.e. the big bang or black hole singularity, or the very small, the uncertainty principle and probability distribution of particles behaving as though they are waves, so what?

Clearly the language we are using to describe phenomena we predict and observe in nature is not the phenomena itself. All language is approximation.  It is the “Jungle Scale” reality of cause and effect that the human mind perceives that constrains our imagination and hence language.

Consider for a moment the seeming paradox of entanglement and instantaneous “spooky action at a distance” which acts independent of the speed of light. At the same time consider the paradox of a black hole singularity…a gravity well so deep that the energy required for a photon to escape the compression of space and time approaches infinity…

Clearly our common math/dimensions/intuitions fall short in unifying these phenomena. Everything becomes fuzzy at the Planck scale…

Does this mean mystery will never be resolved?  Hell no. I like to imagine an imagination capable of developing a unified mathematical interpretation of time and space and energies of the very large and very small along with experimental methods to test the interpretation…perhaps another approximation that will improve over time. Imagination that can truly go where no (hu)man imagination has gone before and this is the stuff of my science fiction.


Strawberry Girl

Winter darkness comes.
Eyes dim now only seeing
the strawberry girl.